Stock Air Filter
A New How to added on how to change your stock air filter for 95-99
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Welcome to is a site dedicated for people who drive Plymouth or Dodge Neons. We are based in Wichita, Kansas, and our site offers both technical and non-technical information on how to mod the Neon. We are a group of enthusiasts that want to share and acquire knowledge by exchanging our ideas and experiences.

How To's / Reference
Change Rotors and Pads
Instructions on replacing rotors and brake pads on a neon.
Modular vs. Non Modular Clutch
A little description of the difference between a modular and non modular clutch .
The difference between low compression and high compression.
Stock Air Filter Install
Changing your stock air filter for 95-99 neons.
Door Panel Removal
Learn how to remove your door panel to change a window, adjust the window, etc.

Engine Codes
Learn how to check the codes that come from a check engine light and what they mean.

AEM Wideband
Find out how to install your AEM Wideband on your neon.

Radiator Bracket Mod
Modify your radiator bracket to bring in more air to help with cooling.

IAC and TPS Sensors
Instruction on how to change your Idle Air Control and Throttle Body Position Sensors on your 1st generation neon.




XN Wallpapers
Download a few wallpapers that feature member neons.
A bunch of smilies that can be used on the message board to help express your thoughts.

A fun joke that matches colors to horsepower and where they are located on the car.

Member Map
This is a map that shows some of the locations of active members of XTREME neons.