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dodge neon dodge neon plymouth neon 95 96 97 98 99 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004


How to Replace Your Brake Pads and Rotors

(slight variations for some year neons)

Things Needed:
Lug Nut Socket
C Clamp
10mm Socket

Start by Removing your hubcaps if you have them (How to Remove your hubcaps). Then use a lug wrench with a 3/4" socket to remove the lug nuts to remove your wheel.

Figure A. Rotor and brake caliper

Now this will give you access to your rotor and brake setup. Start by removing the cap on your brake fluid (under the hood).

Figure B. Removing the brake fluid cap

Now pull off your brake caliper by removing two bolts in the inner side of the caliper. They will require a 10mm socket to remove. One is on the top side and one on the bottom side (both on the inner side of the brake).

Figure C. Removing the bolts to release the caliper

Figure D. Both bolts removed from the caliper

After the bolts are removed then slowley pull out on the caliper until it comes off. Then turn it over to show the pads. Remove the pad opposite of where the bolts where. A flat head screwdriver can sometimes with the leverage in removing the pads

Figure E. Unclipping the outer brake pad

Figure F. Removing the caliper

Figure G. Using a C clamp to compress the inner pad

Now take a C Clamp and compress then inner pad until it is in all the way. Again be sure to have the brake fluid cap off this whole time. After the pad is compressed you can take off the C Clamp and pull the pad out.

Figure H. Both pads removed

Now take the new pads and put them in one at a time. The inner pad will have a clip that goes in the hole that was compressed.

Figure I. Inner brake pad installed

The outer pad will clip on the outside. There are two grooves for the outer pad to fit into. They are sometimes hard to get in place so a flat head screwdriver might be good to use to get the right placement.

Figure J. Both new pads installed

Figure K. View of the clips for the inner pad

If you are wanting to replace or have the rotors turned then this is where you would remove them. You do this by grabbing with two hands and pulling out (the hardest part of it all ;-) ).

Figure L. Rotor being removed

Now that the old rotor is gone now you can start reversing the process. Take the new rotor and place on the lugs.

Figure M. New rotor installed

Now with the pads installed in the caliper put it back on the mounts (two bolts). This is about the hardest part of it all. They usually don't want to line up driectly the first time. You will have to put the bottom in first and work it until you can get the top lined up with the top bolt. Things to notice are the inside holes that have rubber material don't like to stay in one place and will make it harder to get the caliper evenly over the rotor.

Figure N. New rotor with caliper being put on

Figure O. Bottom bolt being tightened

Figure P. Top bolt being tightened

Figure Q. New rotor and brake pad installed

Now that you have the caliper installed you can now get into the car and pump the brake pedal to make sure you have pressure to the brakes. You can do this now or wait until you have the car on the ground, but with it still off the ground you can visually make sure there are no leaks or problems while pumping the brakes.

Figure R. Wheel and hubcap installed

Repeat the same to the other side and the back if you have rear disk brakes. Be sure to test your brakes completely away from buildings or anything you might hit ;-

With the brake rotors and calipers installed you're now ready to get back on the road.



How To by Joe

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dodge neon dodge neon plymouth neon 95 96 97 98 99 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004